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Travel Adapters
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Portable Power SystemsTravel Adapters, easy-to use power and telephone/modem adapters to keep you connected all over the world. 

For portable power, Solar Panels for DC or Bulldog PowerPak™ systems for 110vAC anytime, anywhere.  Also available for 220vAC.

Custom Rechargable Portable NiMH Mousehound™ batteries for any vDC portable electronics. 

Rebuild existing NiMH batteries for notebooks and portable electronics (NiMH only, Li Ion cannot be rebuilt). 

Surge Protectors to protect your equipment anywhere.  For extended mobile use, portable power inverters that convert DC power from the outlet of a car, RV, boat or airplane to AC power that can be used for sensitive equipment. 

Business travel made easier with Rolling Travel cases

Pelican hard-shell cases from very large to quite small to protect electronic equipment, computer peripherals, notebooks, cameras, portable accessories or other specialized equipment.  Custom heavy duty cases for extreme requirements.
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