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MobileMapper™ 6
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Industrial Strength Mapping Solution

MobileMapper™ 6 combines professional GIS data collection and navigation software in a compact handheld GPS receiver.  Enhanced by WAAS¹ and EGNOS² Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems, it provides real-time accuracy to within 2-5 meters.  With Post-Processed Differential Correction, it delivers sub-meter accuracy for half the cost of comparable solutions. 

MobileMapper™ 6 GPS engine provides professional accuracy in real time and post-processing. This SBAS-enabled high-sensitivity GPS receiver computes and updates your position even in difficult conditions, such as under tree canopy and in urban surroundings. 

It comes with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 operating system, a color touch-screen, and it has Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. You can collect GIS/GPS points and maps via the GIS application of your choice: either a third party software or the proprietary Ashtech MobileMapper Field software. You can also navigate, get your direction from the integrated e-compass, and communicate wirelessly. 

Easy to Use:

Field-proven Rugged Design MobileMapper™ 6 fits comfortably in one hand and weighs less than eight ounces (224g). It is made for intensive outdoor use and can be dropped in the dirt or into water again and again without harm. It keeps working, and you won't lose any data. 

Two AA batteries provide over eight hours of continuous use.  There are no expensive battery packs and recharging units to purchase.  Maps and data can be easily transferred between the handheld rover unit and your PC using a serial or USB cable. The removable SD memory card provides unlimited expandability and versatility in the field. 

Handheld rover unit is rubber-armored, highly shock resistant and waterproof to IPX7 standard, making it ready to perform in even the harshest work environments. It can withstand the hazards of your professional fieldwork while your investment is protected by its high durability. 

Feature-rich Mapping Device Embedded speaker and microphone make it easy to record audio files, for a rich archive of locations and projects. You can take pictures using the integrated 2-megapixel digital camera, use the e-compass to determine the camera orientation at the time the picture is taken, and use other Windows Office Mobile applications, all with a single device. 

MobileMapper™ 6 is the ideal solution for public safety personnel, utility workers, foresters, farmers, resource managers and anyone who manages positioning assets in the field. Use MobileMapper 6 to create or update maps for analysis and storage in a Geographic Information System.

Best Value:

The MobileMapper™ 6 offers the highest value on the market. With post-processed sub-meter accuracy, superior GIS data management, mapping and navigation capabilities, you can’t own a more powerful GPS solution for less. MobileMapper 6’s cost-efficient value and user-friendly features make it easier to deploy and easier to use than any other mobile mapping solution.
¹ Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)
² European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) 

Interactive FLASH file
MobileMapper™ 6 
Interactive FLASH file

Unlike consumer-grade units, the low-cost easy-to-use MobileMapper™ 6 offers full compatibility with popular GIS software to enable companies to select and use GIS software of choice. 

MobileMapper™ Field Software: standard Ashtech software provides easy-to-use and simple yet professional and effective GIS data collection capabilities. You can use this application to create and update maps for analysis and maintenance in a standard GIS system. (Bundle part no. 980603-53)

Optional w Post Processing Software:

MobileMapper™ Office: Use this software option to differentially post-process raw GPS data collected with the Ashtech MobileMapper Field software. Through post-processing, the positions of every GIS feature you collect in the field can be improved to sub meter (< 1m) accuracy. (Bundle part no.980603-50)

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MobileMapper™ Pro Specifications:  Accessories:  (click link for image)
Product Number
Update Rate (Hz)
 Real-time Accuracy
 User Selectable standard datums
 User-definable datums
 Antenna Type
 Unit Height (inches)
 Unit Width (inches)
 Unit Depth (inches)
 Weight (g)
 Data Storage
 Temp Min (°C)
 Temp Max (°C)
 Post-Processed Accuracy

Certifiable Standards

980603-53 (2-5m w beacon & sfwr)
980603-50 (sub-meter w post processing sfwr)
1 Hz
 2 - 5 m
 12 (L1)
 Internal & external
 224 g
 64 Mb SDRAM, 128 NAND Flash memory, 
SD Card up to 4 GB
 Windows Mobile 6
 400 MHz
 1 meter drop to concrete
 1-meter depth for 30 minutes (IPX7)
(note: sats cannot be read underwater)
 <1 m (optional feature)

EN 55022 Class B (Emission Immunity); 
EN 0082-1 (Emission Susceptibility); 
FCC and CE certified; 
IEC-529 IPX7 (Weather)

Bicycle Mounting Bracket
Canvas Carrying Case
External Antenna
External Power Cable with Cigarette Lighter Adapter
PC Cable
PC Cable with Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Power/Data Cable
Serial to USB Adapter
Swivel Mounting Bracket
Vehicle Mounting Bracket
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Post Process Mapping
Data sheets can be easily accessed via the following links: 
MobileMapper™ 6

Practical GPS Surveying
Professional Measurement Brochure
GNSS Post Processing Software
Mapper Office Post Processing Software

Mpr6.pdf  (1750Kb)

GPSurvey.pdf  (275Kb)
ProMeasr.pdf  (465Kb)
GNSS.pdf  (333Kb)
MapOffc.pdf  (845Kb)

Basic Equipment Lease information is also accessible online, as well as the Lease Form.
Cost of GPS / Survey equipment under lease can be estimated when cost of equipment, type of lease and term have been determined.
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Availability of individual Models subject to change, images shown represent types, styles and brands available. Please refer to Manufacturer's websites for detailed specifications for any particular model. 
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