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Hardshell Rolling Travel Case

The 1510NF Rolling Travel Case, is the largest hardshell rolling travel case allowed as carry-on luggage in aircraft passenger compartments under current USA federal aviation rules.  Fits into overhead bins or under seats of most aircraft. 

It provides the most travel convenience, flexibility for equipment, clothing and/or other travel accessories in watertight, airtight, impact resistant safety.  Neoprene O-ring seal and ABS latches securely close watertight.  Solid durable fold down handle.  Automatic purge valve allows for quick equalization of changes in atmospheric pressure.  Hardened lock mounts allow application of travel padlocks, nylon ties, or wire crimp seals for security.

Available in BLACK or DESERT TAN
OLIVE DRAB GREEN available by special order.

Available options: 

Rolling Case

1519 Lid Organizer 
Lid Organizer (1519) ballistic nylon, multiple pockets, zipper compartments and elastic straps, fastens securely inside case lid,
FOAM lining (1510) to protect hardware or equipment, 
Padded Dividers (1514) padded nylon dividers, velcor adjustable for any combination of divided compartments,
Laptop Overnight Case (1510LOC) with interior luggage compartments for a small notebook computer or documents, apparel and personal accessories.

Material: ultra high impact resistant, light weight structural Copolymer Resin
1510LOC Device Capacity (13 inch): 12.7 x 10.5 x 1.6 inches
Exterior Dimensions: 14 x 22 x 9 inches 
Interior Dimensions: 11.4 x 20.2 x 7.5 inches
Weight:  13.9 lbs.

1510 w FOAM Lining
1510 w FOAM Lining
1510 w FOAM Lining
1514 w Padded Dividers
(shown w Lid Organizer availalbe separately)
other Pelican Protector Cases™
 Protector Cases™
1510LOC Laptop Overnight Case
Notebook, Apparel & Accessories Interior
Pelican Protector Cases™

Pelican Protector Cases™ any case for special equipment, waterproof, airtight, guaranteed.
With Pluck 'N Pick™ foam, padded dividers, custom interiors, or no foam at all.

lightweight hard-shell cases for notebooks, cameras and portable accessories, or other specialized equipment. 

For special protection needs via airline travel, custom foam interiors can be made for Pelican Protector Cases above.

See Airline Carry On Rules for further information.

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Aluminum Frame Hardshell Aluminum Frame Hardshell
heavy duty custom hard-shell cases 
for electronic equipment, computer peripherals, notebooks, cameras, portable accessories 
or other specialized equipment. 
Molded hardshell
All hard-shell cases are custom built specific to whatever Equipment is being protected.  All cases use multiple bonded layers of different density foam cut specific to the shape of protected items, rigid dividers where needed, lift out panels, trays, or other special features as requested.  Every case is unique.  Images are representative of general case styles and appearance. 

Heavy Duty Cases can be designed to any particular layout as needed.  Cases can open in traditional trunk style fashion, from any side, multiple sides, pop-top (like a cigarette pack), or evenly down the middle (bi-fold) if preferred.  Case exterior is a high strength laminate of plastic and fiber wood construct.  Standard colors include black, grey, blue, light blue, olive green, yellow or red.  Custom colors may be available by special request.  Steel corners, locking hardware, hinges and aluminum edge molding compose the exterior frame. 

Heavy Duty Cases are extremely rugged and durable, designed to sustain multiple drops from nominal heights with limited or no damage to protected item and limited damage to case. 

Custom Molded hard-shell cases are are lighter in weight and durability.   Standard colors include black, grey, blue or aluminum (expensive).
Molded cases are designed to protect an Equipment item in normal transport or storage, and to limit or prevent damage to the protected item in a single serious drop from a nominal height.  The Molded case may sustain damage in that event and require replacement. 

All cases are available with rolling wheels, collapsible handle, castors or other special features.

Production of a case requires the intended Equipment item to be provided for proper fitting. 

Prices start at us$600.  Exact prices are subject to quotation when details of case construction can be ascertained precisely, 
plus shipping, not including any applicable taxes, duties or tariffs.

Please contact us for further information on specific models, needs or applications.

Small custom hardshell cases generally cannot be transported on airlines as carry on, or even as checked baggage, due to size and weight.
For special protection needs via airline travel, custom foam interiors can be made for Pelican Protector Cases above.

See Airline Carry On Rules for further information.

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For Further Information, Email or Call 440-888-4749 (M-F 0900-1600 ET)
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